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  • The Anchor of Your Inner Voice

    It would be nice if life presented itself as a clear-cut path with well-defined signs to clearly state what we should do (or not) at each fork in the road. The weather would always be beautiful. We’d always be enjoying our favorite foods while talking to our perfect families and friends. Great music would be playing as we spent the day doing work we loved and looked forward to evenings filled with activities we were passionate about. There wouldn’t be relationship problems, layoffs, health scares, or frustration with parenting. There would be no place for fear or sadness.

    Unfortunately, life isn’t one giant sing-along, and ups and downs are a part of the human condition. Volumes have been written on how life works the way it does, but my understanding is that problems are really opportunities to access the inner resources we all have. Once someone claims his or her inner resources, the sky becomes the limit. The problem may not go away, and even if it does, new ones will be on the horizon, but what we do in the meantime will make all the difference.Read more…

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