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  • 2013: Year of the Inner-Evolution

    treesEvery year around this time we gear up for a great new year, filled with resolutions of how we will finally lose 10 pounds, get a new job, be a better parent, learn how to knit, etc. In a month or so the resolutions tend to take a backseat to the demands of day-to-day life. If making a resolution sounds hollow or maybe even hopeless, maybe this is the year to begin an inner-evolution instead. What we focus on grows so why not notice what’s going well and learn a few tricks to expand your potential for awesomeness?

    1. Start by reviewing past successes. Maybe you haven’t mastered the art of time management or are still eating out too much. So what? What have you done well in the last year? Write down a list of everything you can think of, big and small that could count toward success. Congratulate yourself for what you’ve done for yourself and for others.
    2. Set the intention of showing yourself more kindness this year. If you’re not sure how to do this think about how you might show support to a friend or loved one. Do you show support to yourself the same way? How do you talk to yourself? Most of us are very good at criticizing or questioning ourselves but let your intention be to show yourself more kindness, compassion and humor.
    3. Start the day with your intention in mind. Before your feet hit the floor, gather yourself around good thoughts. Envision the day. See yourself making smart choices and treating yourself well. Why? Because you deserve it.
    4. As you move through the day, take breaks to recalibrate your intention. It may be hard to find the time to stop and do this but I promise it will be worth it. Instead of multitasking your way through the morning commute, your lunch break, or the car pool lane, use those opportunities to check in with yourself. Take a few breaths, notice something positive in your surroundings, smile, say something kind (or funny, or inspirational) to yourself.

    Remember, every day is a new day. Give yourself permission to start over, regroup and move on. Happy new year!

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