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  • Yoga Therapy

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    Yoga Therapy

    Yoga therapy is an adjunct modality that supports nervous system regulation and wellbeing by  weaving together breathwork, movement, and meditation to galvanize and strengthen the body’s natural capacity for healing and restoration. A few minutes of practice a day will result in greater strength and flexibility along with a deeper sense of connection to your  physical body and sense of self. As we deepen our ability to connect with our bodies we can safely explore how to approach life from a space of open heartedness and empowerment.

    We aim to create a safe, non-judgmental environment that invites all clients to experience the benefits of yoga as they are interested and able. All yoga based practices are trauma informed and delivered with compassion.

    Bringing yoga into your experience may take many forms but results in accessing a key intersection in healing and resilience: the present moment. Research shows that meditation and mindfulness practices are all key factors in reducing stress and lowering anxiety levels. There’s a long list of the many benefits of yoga and adding it to your therapy  can be incredibly helpful as a way to balance the effort of facing difficult emotions or memories with the ease that comes from being grounded and resourced while you do it.

    • Guided Meditation – Sitting, standing or laying down- guided meditation can create a new way to use your imagination, gain perspective and widen the lens of self-reflection.
    • Breath Practices – Diaphragmatic breathing literally puts the breaks on stress response systems and activates the relaxation response to bring the body back to a state of homeostasis.
    • Mindful Movement – Simple ways to move with your breath and learn to polish the edges of life and generate smoother flow inside and out.
    • Nature Yoga – Find your yoga outside through the senses and the seasons.
    • Laughter Yoga – Without some joy in our lives what do we have? Laughter really is the best medicine!