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  • Martha Boenau

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    As a Licensed Graduate Professional Counselor, I understand the courage it can take for clients who are taking the first step in the counseling process. That first step can be scary but together, we can explore the issues and circumstances that are creating stress.

    My goal is to work with clients to explore areas of concern and be a partner and a resource in developing strategies and strengths that can support coping with life’s challenges, navigating the change process, and fostering wellness and personal growth.

    My main areas of focus include providing support for a wide range of issues — from the challenges of work/life balance, changing family roles and questions about identity, issues related to the stress of aging, illness and caregiving, to coping with the pain surrounding death and loss. I also provide support related to substance use and recovery processes using a DBT lens.

    Martha Boenau is an LGPC (Licensed Graduate Professional Counselor) in the state of Maryland. License #LGP6572.

    Feedback from clients:

    “I feel that I have grown tremendously because of Martha. She held the space for me to express myself which enabled me to unpack things from my past that I did not know were even there. Holding space for someone in a gentle, empathetic and genuinely caring way is no small feat, but she did it week after week. Thank you.”

    “I enjoy my therapy sessions, it is a much needed release for myself in talking to my therapist.”

    “My counselor helped me set boundaries with my child, who struggles with multiple mental health issues. Thanks to Martha, I am able to set boundaries and my child and I am able to survive this period in their life.”