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    My mission is to help you remember your birthright. You deserve joy in your life and in your relationships. Let’s help you claim that shall we?

    In addition to being an LCMFT (Licensed Clinical Marriage and Family Therapist), and LPC (Licensed Professional Counselor) I am a formally trained life coach and registered yoga teacher. I integrate the best of eastern and western schools of thought to help clients lead happier, more authentic lives. I am adept at the art of selecting an approach that fits the person or couple and strongly believe my clients have the inner resources to create the lives and relationships they want. My role is to act as a guide and strategist by offering direction, modeling new skills and sometimes simply holding the flashlight as the answers are discovered. My therapy clients include individuals, couples and families. I have taught hundreds of engaged couples how to prepare for marriage using an approach grounded in research, creativity and humor. I also teach our yoga based, Healing Journeys Class and facilitate a variety of personal growth and development workshops and classes.

    I have completed advanced training from The Relational Life Institute Training Certification Program with the distinguished therapist and best-selling author Terry Real. This intensive program has added depth to my skills in helping couples and continues to deepen my commitment to unlocking the keys to healthy relationships and inspired marriages.

    Additionally, I am a certified brainspotting practitioner and am trained to provide  EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing) Both of these modalities are brain and body based treatments that help transform trauma and distressing memories into  emotional and spiritual healing. 

    Julie Hanson is a licensed LCMFT (Licensed Clinical Marriage and Family Therapist) in the state of Maryland and an LMFT (Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist) in the state of Texas.