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  • Pre-Marital Education

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    Maybe the wedding bells are about to ring or perhaps you’re considering taking your relationship to the next level. Pre-marital education is a smart step for engaged or seriously dating couples. Putting in effort and time to build a solid foundation for your life together is one of the best investments you can make. There will be laughter and joy but also pain and frustration. Good relationships take intention, attention and effort.

    There are a wide variety of elements needed for a healthy relationship. Depending on your unique circumstances topics for pre-marital sessions may include:

    • Getting started together knowing the two jobs of the individual, understand the patterns/skills of healthy couples, and establish what it means to be a team
    • Bringing two worlds together know who you are, know who your partner is, know what you want in your marriage and appreciate each other’s world.This also includes practical matters (living wills, what will we do when our parents age, will we have children? etc. )
    • Good communication, conflict management habits
    • Keeping the fire alive: intimacy, sexual satisfaction, forgiveness