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  • Individual Therapy

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    Individual Therapy is beneficial to people who want to learn how to manage stress, improve communication with others,  calm intense emotions, decrease unhelpful  behaviors, learn self- advocacy, strengthen important relationships and learn to think before reacting.       Individual therapy starts with a one hour intake session where the focus centers around your challenges, current needs and hopes for the future. We’ll help you identify goals and a plan to reach them, all in a safe, non-judgmental space. Our expertise in providing trauma-informed gender-affirming care means helping you strengthen the inner resources you need to feel better about yourself, heal and effectively manage life’s challenges skillfully.

    With us, you’ll have a  menu of holistic approaches to heal from the past and help your body, mind and spirit grow stronger and more powerful in the present. We are trained in cutting-edge brain- and body-based therapies and expressive modalities for healing and resilience that are backed by science and work hand in hand with traditional client centered talk therapy methods.

    Our clinicians specialize in helping individuals with:

    • Anxiety & Depression
    • Physical, Emotional and Sexual Trauma
    • Postpartum Mood Disorders
    • Recovery Support and Relapse Prevention
    • Codependency Recovery and Support
    • Parenting and Family Conflict
    • Family of Origin Issues
    • Grief & Loss

    Together we will collaborate to create a plan that helps you address whatever is standing between where you are now and where you want to be in the future.

    Services available for adults, teens and children.