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  • Relationship Therapy

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    Relationship therapy is beneficial for couples who need support, tools and resources for healing, strengthening and empowering their relationship.

    When it comes to creating and maintaining a healthy relationship, the top five challenging areas for couples are:

    • Money
    • Sex
    • Children/Parenting
    • Use of time and division of labor

    Relationships outside the relationship-(in-laws, affairs, friends)

    Whether you are looking for help with a specific issue or feel that your entire relationship is in need of an overhaul, relationship therapy can help you sort out what’s needed to make a plan and move forward with skill. We specialize in trauma-informed polyvagal approaches that give couples the insight and self awareness needed to decrease damaging interactions,  improve communication patterns and deepen intimacy and connection.

    During our 90 minute intensive sessions, you can expect a dynamic, collaborative experience and plenty of strategies to help your relationship stabilize, improve and strengthen. Together we’ll help you draw out the resources you need for relational empowerment through a framework that replaces frustration and distance with the empathy and the commitment needed to shift from “me” to “we” and arrive at “us”.

    It’s not easy to admit you need help but please, don’t delay. Reach out today to learn more about how we can help you keep the love you have alive and enjoy life together now and in the future.