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  • Gratitude Immersion

    A consistent, steady gratitude practice slowly begins to change how we perceive the world and ourselves. Shifting our focus to the good in life expands our capacity for ease, joy and satisfaction while leaving greater opportunity for deeper connection in our relationships.

    Stopping to give thanks, even for a moment, helps us build resilience and open-heartedness to handle life’s ups and downs. A good gratitude practice is one that offers a realistic starting point and  a variety of opportunities to keep it interesting and fun.

    What to expect:

    The Gratitude Immersion integrates the power of gratitude with creativity and community to  provide participants with a fun, relaxing way to establish a practice and continue coming back to it.

    Together we will:

    -Learn about the benefits of gratitude

    -Experience a gratitude meditation

    -Give thanks for someone you care about.

    -Create a gratitude book using materials provided

    -Enjoy the power of creating in community!